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Every good portfolio website has a blog with fresh news, thoughts and develop­ments of your activities. Feeling Responsive offers you a fully functional blog with an archive page to give readers a quick overview of all your posts.

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Performing Ensembles

Time to make some music!
1. Marching Band :)
2. Big Band.
3. Furry Choir.
4. Disco Band.
5. etc ...

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Download Theme

Feeling Responsive is free and licensed under a MIT License. Make it your own and start building. The code is well-documented and explains you how it works.

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Photo by Corey Blaz

Video & Music Player

Play Audio & Video with media­element.js

Do you like music? Or are you a podcaster? Do you want to stream your videos in a nice player? Than you likely will like the integration of mediaelement.js. It enables you to play music and stream video in a consistent player that looks in each browser delicious. It even works in IE6-8. Read More ›

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