Released: Aug 29, 2003
Style: Musical
Description: Your basic cartoon villain - the king's evil brother out to kill the good and honourable king. And of course he has to have a song to introduce him. Now all we need is someone who makes the actual movie.
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The Hunt

Released: Aug 24, 2003
Style: Orchestral
Description: This is a commission I did in exchange for Akeela not smoking for a whole day at Eurofurence VII. Sometimes pet auction deeds can be a bit unusual...
The song describes a fox hunt from the perspective of a fox.
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Winged Angels

Released: Jan 29, 2002
Style: Rock Ballad
Description: This song was inspired by a story called "Learning To Fly" which I read a long time ago in a fanzine. A vampire bat gets into trouble with the local powers of a small village and ends up fleeing to the city together with her lover. Cities can be dangerous if you don't know your way around, and at the moment when it finally looks like everything will turn out just great, they get mugged and her lover is shot. This song tries to describe her feelings a few days afterwards.
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Not Quite Silence

Released: Nov 7, 2001
Style: Ballad
Description: An Xmas song, or not, depends on how you see it. If you'd like to understand what it's about, visit Sony Center in Berlin/Germany in December.
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Tree Rat

Released: Mar 20, 2000
Style: Barbershop
Description: A happy song about a squirrel's life. Performed by Jumpy and Chama.
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Dance of the Lost Souls

Released: Jan 3, 2000
Style: Ethno
Description: Toss in a bit of an indian scale and lots of percussions, shake well, and this is what you might end up with. It's slow and melancholic.
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Happy Hour

Released: May 4, 1999
Style: Classical
Description: This one is a bit more on the classical side. An attempt to handle polyphonic composing techniques, it conveys the happiness I wanted to express.
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Released: Apr 1, 1999
Style: Rock n' Roll
Description: This song is about the magic of dragons, yet not about the fire they breathe. I wrote it in a fit of emotional turmoil, most of it in just two days. And yes, I know it has some Meat Loaf in it.
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Released: Sep 21, 1998
Style: Soundtrack
Description: A bombastic orchestral song, very much in the spirit of Hans Zimmer's soundtracks. Did you know that an orchestra can create a groove?
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For a Cat

Released: May 3, 1998
Style: Ballad
Description: A soft and gentle piano ballad, written in a silent moment for someone very special to me.
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Released: Apr 18, 1998
Style: Sountrack / Orchestral
Description: Actually, when I grow up, I want to be big and orchestral like Hans Zimmer.
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