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Android Dancehall

Released: Dec 24, 1999
Style: Techno
Description: This is a parody of the style of music pioneered by the German band Kraftwerk back in the 70's. Funky robots abound!
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Released: Jan 3, 2000
Style: Electronic
Description: A slow and melodic instrumental song
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Pack Mentality

Released: May 20, 1999
Style: Electronic
Description: Nothing to shout about from a theory standpoint, just something that sprung up around some interesting drum patterns I was toying with.
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Released: Nov 30, 1998
Style: Synth-pop
Description: Lots of fun shuttling between two chords!
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Released: Oct 5, 1998
Style: Electronic / Ska
Description: Synthetic ska at its silliest
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Released: Sep 29, 1998
Style: Ambientl
Description: Dancey song with spooky undertones
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