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Released: Dec 17, 2001
Style: Rock/New Age
Description: Melodic and upbeat. Many synth instruments.
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Dragon Song

Released: Dec 29, 2001
Style: New Age
Description: A short, meditative expression of the mythical majesty of the dragon. Guitars and flutes.
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March of Doom

Released: Dec 30, 2001
Style: Death Metal
Description: Heavy death metal song about a cute, demonic bunny rabit.
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Pawpet Song

Released: Jun 8, 2002
Style: Pop/Comedy
Description: A song written for the Pawpet Show! Rather bouncy and happy. Lyric heavy with guitars.
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Released: Dec, 1999
Style: Electronic/Rock
Description: A NINish mixture of computer and traditional rock with some really bitter lyrics.
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Fox Love

Released: Feb, 1999
Style: New Age
Description: This song expresses my feelings for a dear foxy friend Kasota.
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And We Are

Released: Feb 22, 1998
Style: 80's Metal
Description: A song about werewolves sneaking into children's bedrooms at night and taking them away to turn them into werewolves too.
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Secret Dance

Released: May, 2006
Style: New age / Techno
Description: If there were a furry party in the jungle, what music would they play? Maybe something like this.
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Released: Jul, 1996
Style: Fantasy / Rock
Description: A song about taking a trip into the furry world.
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Released: Feb, 2006
Style: Soft Rock
Description: A furry love song I wrote for my mate (whom I since have lost).
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